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The EG Competition RW Suit is the perfect suit for the competitor as well as the weekwend fun jumper. It is form fitted providing jumpers with a faster fall rate. Fall rate can be adjusted sightly in some of the suits options. The Competition RW Suit comes standar with regular grippers. There are many ways to customize your suit to fit your relative work needs.
PRICE $ 320

EG Suits - Comments

Hello Edgardo,
I just received the jumpsuit, looks GREAT!
This weekend will not be good to jump due the bad weather here in north Texas, but as soon I get to the DZ- hopefully next weekend- I will send you some pics with the jumpsuit so you may post them in your webpage,

Thank you very much my friend!


Hey Edgardo,

I was reading your webpage again and realized that the comment you posted at the top for the competition suit was made by my good friend Val! He's the guy that bought your suit on DZ and when I saw him in it I fell in love with it.
He loves tracking in it, so that's why I ordered from you!

Hi, Edgardo.

I bought a lightly used EG RW suit off of, and could not be happier with it. Being a stock, size M, suit it fits me perfectly

I am 5'10" 175lbs 10.5US shoe size. I enjoy flying it both in the tunnel, and when I jump. Vented booties are awesome for tracking!

Thank you, and Blue Skies!



Ayer fui al club, pude meter dos saltos, muy cómodo el buzo!
Y los colores la rompen!!! Seguro que vas a recibir otros pedidos de unos amigos!!
Yesterday I went to the club, I could get two jumps, very comfortable diver!
And the colors break!!! Sure you will receive further orders from friends !!

Mauricio Coria
Santa Fe - Argentina

Hi Edgardo
My RW suit that I bought off you is great! I would like to buy a freefly suit from you as soon as possible if you have any?

Thank you!


Package arrived today. Nice work and the suit fits good. We're not jumping today - much too windy, but tomorrow I'm anxious to get in the air.
I'm an AFF instructor at Skydive Delmarva, I'll be sure to recommend your jumpsuits to my students. Good quality at a good price.

Ed Short

I just received the jumpsuit. I tried it on, and It's amazing! You make a really, really great jumpsuit! I am going to skydive this weekend, God willing, at my DZ, Skydive Spaceland, in Rosharon, TX (south Houston).
I will be promoting your jumpsuit. If you'd like, I can get with the Proshop manager and see about them carrying your line of jumpsuits?
I am very happy with the quality, the materials, the look, the fit and and the colors. I will definitely be ordering from you again, and I will highly recommend your suits to my fellow skydivers.

Blue Skies!
Anthony Seelig

Thanks again for the suits. Got to use them last weekend and they rocked. Have a good one.


Thanks again so much for all your help. I'm really glad we connected because your products and service are top notch!
Can't wait to get both suits and mat back!

Take care, Dave

I got the suit today!!!
It is beautiful! I love the colors and the quality!!
Lucie from Canada

They are arrived And they look and fit great!!! Thank you so much, and I'll let you know as soon as I'm ready for my next suit.
Take care!


Just wanted to write and tell you I LOVE the suit. I got a video of me tracking away and couldn't believe the speed I am able to get when we break off.
I've compared your suits to Tony, Bev, and Michigan and I think yours is the best! Thanks again for working with me so much.
Should be placing another order soon!

Take care, Dave

FINALLY got to jump last weekend (with my new Vector 3 too!) and the suit is perfect! Definitely can move around and it's comfortable in freefall and under canopy.

Love the booties! So much better than rental jumpsuits!

Bryan Flink
Virginia Skydiving Center

Hey man,
just received my suit. Fits better than I thought it would.
Needs some minor alterations in the crotch and under the arms, but I should be able to get that taken care of easy enough.
Shocked at how quick shipping was.
Amazing service man.

Thank you very much. Look forward to jumping it!

Edgardo. Thanks as always the quick reply and great customer service.
I look forward to seeing the suit again.

M.R.Hamilton, CANADA

OMG! Edgardo you have outdone yourself, this suit is a work of art. Beautiful!!!!! absolutely beautiful. I haven't even tried it on yet but just had to right you as soon as possible. Can't wait to get you some pics. Amazing. Your product and service are top notch!!!

Thanks so much!!!

I received the suit today in the mail!! It looks awesome & it fits great.
I really like the custom booties. The tailoring is first rate....
I can't wait to try it out this weekend.
I'll report back after I get a jump in.

Thanks again,

What can I say......T hanks for taking care of the re-sizing of my jumpsuit. It now fits perfectly. I'm glad I sent it back to you for adjustment. Thanks also for being available and helpful.
Two qualities that make you stand out from the rest!
Not to mention the expert tailoring that goes into your jumpsuits!

Thanks again for everything,
Michael Parker