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Thanks again EG! You're the best suit maker out there. Scott, my DZO, ordered
all new tandem suits from you last year to replace our old ones and they are working out great!

Richy D.

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You probably heard the sayings “a tandem is not just another skydive” and “dress for success”. The majority of Tandem Instructors wear free fly suits for taking their passengers for the thrill of a lifetime. Free fly suits however are not designed for horizontal flight with a passenger strapped in front of you, a 50 LBS rig on your back, and a huge drogue few feet above. Free fly suits are designed for vertical work.
The EG Tandem suit is specifically designed by Tandem Instructors for Tandem Instructors to make their job much easier.

Once the drogue is released there is an unbalance of forces on the tandem pair, more specifically the center of mass of the pair is not inline with the pull of the drogue that is much more aft. The vented Cordura booties with z-po inserts of the EG Tandem Suit make possible to overcome this force-unbalance almost automatically. No more “potato-chipping” or strange built-in turns! We put much of the greatest drag on the biggest, longest part of your body, your legs. Just try the suit if you do not believe us! We guarantee you that you will feel a positive difference from the moment you leave the aircraft with your new EG Tandem Suit.

The suit comes loaded with sturdy Cordura legs, extra padded Cordura knees for comfortable hook-ups, Cordura butt for extra protection during sliding landings, a large internal pocket, and lining.
The EG Tandem Suit will be the last suit you will ever buy to make tandems!