EG Suits - Student Suits


The EG SKY Student suit is designed for AFF, Static Line students and Tandem passengers. It provides the student with comfort and a wide range of motion while in the plane and in free fall.
The suit is build with the instructor work in mind, the grips are located in proper locations, providing secure and comfortable grips while working in free fall. It is designed for today’s instruction programs.
The suits are 100% Heavy Duty Nylon, and reinforced with Para Pack/ Cordura on the seat and knees. The collar and arms are very comfortable and made of light and extremely durable Spandex. This suit is designed to sustain students heavy use during ground practice, free fall and landings.
It comes in a wide choice of colors to match the customer needs . We also offer custom embroidery with your skydiving institution/school logo or information. This suit is available at very competitive prices, making it an affordable tool for your skydiving school

Price $165.00



How are you my friend??
We are ready to start ordering student suits now and then some instructor pants for the DZ in May.
One of the other managers, Martin Audit with Aivcon at Skydive Miami and will contact you with his needs.
Thanks for the great suits and I will be in touch in a few weeks to place my order.
We discussed the same pricing as the 3 purchased in December.
$150 for jump suits each with knees and butt reinforced with cordura or kevlar.